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Drumlanrig Scramble ENTRY FORM

Drumlanrig Grasstrack ENTRY FORM

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We are delighted to announce our main sponsor for this event:

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Galloway Motorcycle Club Classic 100 Mile Team Scramble Weekend.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October, Cumstone Farm, Lockerbie.

Saturday Trial. A & B Routes. Suitable for Classic, Twinshock and Modern Bikes.

Sunday Classic 100 Mile Team Scramble. Open to Classic and Twinshock Air-Cooled, Drum- Braked Scrambles, Enduro and Trail bikes up to 1984 as well as 125cc Evo Machines.


Having hosted a hugely successful four-day festival of offroad motorsport in the spectacular grounds of Drumlanrig Castle back in June the enthusiastic and innovative members of The Galloway Motorcycle Club are certainly not resting on their laurels. In fact, they have organised an event which will be the first of its kind ever held in Scotland, namely a Classic 100 Mile Team Scramble.

The original and most famous I00 Mile Team Scramble originated near Pirbright, Surrey in the early 60’s and became so well established and gained such status that professional scrambles teams took part and fought not only for top honours but for substantial prize money as well.

When the classic scrambles scene became really popular in the early 90’s the 100 Mile Team concept was embraced by two leading clubs south of the border. Both Berkshire based Mortimer Classic MCC and Chester Classic Club hosted such events and with such success that they still take place. 

However, a 100 Mile team scramble has, as far as anyone is aware, never taken place in Scotland. But, Galloway MCC plan to rectify this by holding such an event on Sunday October 9th this year at Cumstone Farm near Lockerbie.

The rules of the event are quite simple. Teams of two or three enter the event which is effectively a relay race on a mile long track. Team bikes can be a mixture from any of the categories listed above or one shared machine. Only one team member is on the track at a time. There is no practice session but instead a marshal will lead all riders on a single, ‘sighting-lap’. The race kicks off with a Le Mans type start where a designated team member holds another member’s bike (with engine running). When the flag drops riders sprint to their machines and they’re off. The first team to be recorded as having completed 100 laps of the mile long course is declared the winner and the race is ended. Before the start team tactics are cunningly devised and decisions made on how many laps each rider will do before handing over to reinforcements.

It's quite a spectacle really with all the action taking place out on the track as well as organised chaos at the pit-lane, rider changeovers. All great fun really.

Riders from both The Scottish Classic Scrambles Club and The Scottish Twinshock Club have shown great interest in this upcoming, new event. Also, several riders from England and Wales as well as Northern Ireland who enjoyed our Drumlanrig event have pledged to join us.

As well as the Sunday 100 Mile Scramble there will also be a Saturday Trial. And, on Saturday night  barbecue facilities (and a fire-pit) will be available which will allow everyone to get together to celebrate the end of another great season of classic, offroad motorcycling.

Galloway MCC aim to make this new event a memorable one. Everyone is welcome.

Watch out for entry forms which will be available soon.

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